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Americans with Disabilities (ADA)


Accessibility enables all visitors to participate in an enriched museum experience.


Call or email with questions or requests.     or      860 285 1888

Handicap Parking


The Museum has two parking locations inside of Northwest Park.


The first, large public parking lot is gravel.


The second parking location, past the round-about, is for Seniors and Handicap Parking.


That parking lot is next to the Nature Center, a large red tobacco shed with tall, thin windows.

Handicap spots are designated and you may also park in the spots marked “Senior or Permit Parking”


It is short walk to the Museum buildings (see above image). The wide path is hard-packed gravel. If even closer parking or drop-off is needed, we will accommodate that.


Wide doors.


Wheel-chair friendly spaces.


Stair- free facilities.

Bathrooms and seating.


Touchable objects.


Lights dimmed upon request.


ADA Service Animals welcomed.



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